WFCA, CFI Workshop to Turn Out Certified Graduates in Five Weeks

Beginning in February 2016, the CFI Training Facility based in Forney, TX, just outside of Dallas, will commence training a fresh cadre of students in its new proprietary residential carpet installation course. The class, which is only offered at the CFI school, turns out certified installation graduates ready to begin work immediately in a record five-week timeframe.

“There is no other training program like this in the world today,” said Scott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer, World Floor Covering Association – parent to CFI. “Together with our partner CFI, we developed this highly efficient course in an effort to help address and resolve the largest issue facing our industry today – the lack of qualified installers. With our new school and second-to-none instructors and programs we are poised to solve the installation shortage crisis once and for all.”

The five week CFI Residential Carpet class, renown for its efficiency to take new students and turn them into accredited professionals at an accelerated pace, has never been available before on a continual basis. Interested students do not need any previous installation experience to attend the class. The course offers a comprehensive line-up of all the technical aspects required of basic residential carpet installation.  In addition to the accelerated carpet class, the school also offers long and short-term training programs in every flooring product category for students at all levels.

“No one in our industry will deny that the largest problem we are all facing is not in sales – its finding qualified professionals to install all of the products that our customers are buying,” said Robert Varden, Vice President, CFI Division of WFCA. “No doubt we are all thankful that business is booming, however, if we do not resolve the installation issue we all face, we are destined to face a much larger problem than we have now.  We now have all of the pieces in place to ‘mend the fence’ as they say, but we need your help. Please consider those around you that would be good candidates for installation work and be sure to steer them to our new facility at Together we can lay a solid foundation to ensure our future success!”

Though only open for a few months, the new CFI Training School is drawing students from across the globe. In addition to the programs offered through the school, CFI will also continue with their highly acclaimed regional training programs throughout the country. For more information or to register for the new carpet installation class or another program visit:

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