An Alternative Solution to Traditional Surface Prep from XL North

With recent governmental regulations and concrete industry changes, XL North saw a need to create an alternative solution to traditional surface prep methods. OSHA enactment of CFR 29 1926.1153 includes strict documentation of an employee’s exposure to airborne silicas. Additionally, the adhesive industry is moving away from calling out a CSP designation, and rather looking for a porous substrate with which adhesives can form bonds. From these changes XL Porosity+® was born.

Porosity+ is contractor friendly, dust free, OSHA compliant, and more cost effective than grinding and shot blasting. It exceeds ASTM F3191, and is engineered to open up the surface of the concrete, creating the porosity needed for adhesive bonding, coatings, sealers, and moisture mitigation materials. It provides a dust free, consistent surface for optimum chemical or mechanical bond, and only requires water clean up.

Retro fitting shotblasters, grinders, vacuum systems, and even 17” floor sanding equipment to comply with the new OSHA standard is expensive. The addition of PPE, mandatory paperwork, and necessary employee training for full compliance also make it a time-consuming undertaking. Inevitably, equipment and personnel changes will increase the cost of these services. Porosity+ prepares a slab to receive all floor covering adhesives without the need for additional equipment, extensive training, or paperwork.

Using Porosity+ requires a pump-up sprayer, 17” floor buffer, a stripping pad, and squeegee, and only needs a clear water rinse. The product removes cure and seal, gets through hard troweled concrete substrates, is very contractor friendly, and provides a consistent porous substrate.

Although the new silica regulations cannot be repealed, it’s helpful to know simple, cost effective solutions are now available. For more information on this or any of XL North’s powerful products, visit or call 888-530-2259.

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