Aqua Mix® Aqua Stain

Optimum protection on medium ­density polished stone — marble,
travertine and limestone. These stones are susceptible to etching and
staining from acids and oils in foods such as coffee, tea, wine, orange
juice, mustard and ketchup. Designed to penetrate and seal the
polished stone surfaces to provide optimal protection, keeping your
natural stone clean, vibrant and new.
A premium water-based formula that is non-combustible. Low odor,
pH neutral it can be used indoors or out, in commercial or residential
applications. Allows moisture vapor transmission. Protects sanded or non-sanded grouts.
StoneSpecific® Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) formulas help
provide better indoor and outdoor air quality compared to similar
traditional products. Complies with EPA and CARB VOC Requirements.

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