Arboritec UVElite

UVElite is the newest revolution from Arboritec, which will change how you finish a wood floor.

The inclusion of high-tech photoinitiators release energy that allows UVElite finish to cure immediately when exposed to a portable UV light source.

The immediate cure time allows the finish to reach its maximum durability instantly, which means the floor can be re-used with no down time.

Over 90% of floor damage occurs during the curing period, before maximum durability is reached. We call it “Early Use Damage”, which is eliminated with UVElite.

UVElite contributes to a better indoor air quality, and is approved for Californian Department of Public Health (CDPH 01350) and European most restrictive standard for indoor building materials (DIBt). UVElite also expeeds the VOC requirements for LEED by 98%. More importantly, it meets the Arboritec standard, going well beyond regulation requirements.  With Arboritec, acceptable is not enough.


  • Ceramic Fortified
  • Immidiate Use of Floors
  • 40% More Durable than Traditional 2-Component
  • Instant Cure

Product range (Gloss)

  • UVElite 10 – Matte
  • UVElite  20 – Satin
  • UVElite  45 – Semi Gloss
  • UVElite  90 – Gloss

Technical Data

Special Ingredients Ceramic Silica & Photoinitiators
VOC Max. 17 g/L (94% below CA standard for VOC)
LEED VOC 2 g/L (98% below LEED)
Gloss Matte: 10 g/L
Satin: 20
Semi Gloss: 45
Gloss: 90
Coverage 500 – 600 sq. ft.
Dry Time 1 – 2 hours
Full Cure Immediate
Odor Non-offending
Clarity Wet: milky white
Dry: clear


UVElite Spec Sheet [English]

UVElite MSDS [English]

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