Architects-Versashield Moisture Barrier

Why You Should Specify VersaShield®
PREVENTS MOISTURE VAPOR DAMAGE to most finished flooring — VersaShield’s patented
coated fiberglass reinforced membrane suppresses moisture migration from the top surface
of the concrete for internal relative humidity levels as high as 95% (ASTM F2170)
SAVES PROJECT TIME — Get on and off the job faster! VersaShield takes up to 80% less total
time than two-part epoxies and other wet applied products
SAVES MONEY — VersaShield can save up to $7 per square foot when compared to many other
wet applied moisture prevention and remediation products
VERSASHIELD WORKS — VersaShield is a patented moisture barrier system with millions
of square feet installed and performing every day across the United States
(U.S. Patent No. 6,673,432)
WRITTEN WARRANTY PROTECTION — Provides a 10-Year Limited Warranty
CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE across the job site — Minimizes installation variables
Provides one consistent layer of moisture protection
Including perm, acoustical ratings, mold and fungal
resistance, and fire and flame regulations

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