Blochinger Presents State of Floor Covering Labor Force at National Job Corps Conference

Bob Blochinger speaking at the National Job Corps Conference
Bob Blochinger speaking at the National Job Corps Conference

National Institute of Certified Flooring Inspectors (NICFI) president and Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) chairman Robert Blochinger presented findings from the recently completed FCLC Research Initiative on the Current and Future State of the Floor Covering Industry Labor Force at the National Job Corps Conference, in Washington DC on March 28, 2019.

National Job Corps executive director Gregory Roberts, and approximately 125 directors from Job Corps centers throughout the nation listened to the executive summary of the survey FCLC conducted last Fall with keen interest. Floor covering installation is now being considered to be added to the Job Corps existing training programs.

Blochinger also spoke of the career path progression, and available cross training; within flooring installation that each student can achieve once the time-in-trade workmanship progresses.

Job Corps’ Roberts confirmed the shortage of trained labor is an entire construction industry concern, with Job Corps providing training for various trades from electrical, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, hvac, painting and more, for many years. The acceptance of floor covering installation as an additive to existing training is an exciting option for the students; and for Job Corps to present, said Blochinger.

Blochinger is scheduled to participate in a follow-up meeting on April 18 in Miami, FL with executive director Roberts and other Job Corps regional and local executives with a local flooring contractor, a flooring training school and Carlos Mongalo, a second generation wood installer from Ecuador with business interests in San Francisco and South America.

Discussions are on-going now to have the Miami Gardens Job Corps center as a model for the other Job Corps centers. The program will, according to Blochinger, be like a triangle:  Student—Training—Placement.  Successful flooring program graduates will be classified as an apprentice and ready to work the trade and earn the prevailing wage.

For more details, contact Robert Blochinger, NICFI president, 954.830.4426.

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