Bostik to Launch Extensive Range of New Surface Prep Materials at Surfaces

Bostik to Launch Extensive Range of New Surface Prep Materials at Surfaces

Bostik, Inc. will be unveiling an extensive line of Surface Preparation Materials at The International Surface Event (TISE) January 19-22 at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. These new products will debut at Bostik’s TISE exhibit #4534.

“This is a monumental product launch program for Bostik in the Americas region,” exclaimed Eric Kurtz, Market Manager – Hardwood, Resilient & Surface Preparation Systems. “Never before have we introduced 12 products at the beginning of the year! This is just another example of Bostik’s total commitment to the industry, and our increased focused on the commercial building sector.”

“After a far-reaching R&D program, we are ready to bring the industry four new self-leveling underlayments, two new repair patches, a new deep penetrating substrate primer and a new reinforcing fiber matrix,” stated Scott Banda, Director of Marketing for Bostik’s Consumer and Construction Business Unit. “Our new cement-based self-levelers will offer flooring contractors many benefits and advantages including; a range of price points, robust formulations that are easy to mix and apply, and our self-curing technology that enables the material to be walked on soon after it is poured … and finally, the ability to install tile, stone, resilient, wood and other floor coverings directly over them.”

Because all of the new Bostik Self Leveling materials have been formulated to cure more quickly than other products, there will be less overall “down-time” during the flooring installation process. This means the next tier of workers within a project’s construction schedule can be on the job more expediently and scheduled deadlines can be met more easily. Very importantly, because these new, high performance products have been created to accelerate overall installation time, professional flooring contractors now can complete projects faster and thus, get on to other jobs much more quickly. This translates into more profits for them.

Banda added that a “hybrid, gypsum/cement-based underlayment” will also be introduced. “Other new Bostik Surface Preparation Products to be presented for the first time will include a Self-Leveling Tool kit and a Collomix Self-Leveler Mixer, engineered with the input of Bostik’s German affiliate. We have made a major investment in adding these new, premium products that ensure flooring contractors’ projects are easier to install and fast-curing so that surface finishes can be installed in a matter of hours… and, that they perform at levels surpassing competitors’ products. We invite all attendees of TISE to visit our exhibit # 4534 and see for themselves the many benefits to be gleaned from our new range of Surface Prep materials!”

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