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WFCA University Business Management

Whether its financial management, marketing, customer service, negotiating skills or pointers on how to be a better leader, WFCA University’s Business Management curriculum is sure to keep you and your staff at the top of your game.

In business, it comes down to the bottom line – profits. Inventory, high sales and talented staff are a big part of the mix but many factors play a role in achieving success and its definitely not a one-size fits all equation. What is necessary to increase your bottom line may not be clear cut but there are known skill-sets that, when balanced and blended in just the right mix, will ensure that your business is on the right track. The keys to your successful future are in the hands of the managers and leaders of your company.

When you take inventory of your business, how well do you and other leaders on your team handle multi-tasking? Could you be better? How well do you and your managers weed through all of the decisions that need to be made for your company every day? Acting quickly on key situations and making fast choices are another critical component to help ensure that all opportunities are maximized within your company. Do you and your leaders lead by example and use constructive criticism that brings out the best in your workforce? If you paused to ponder any of these situations then tapping into WFCA University’s latest Business Management online coursework may be just the solution you and your team are looking for.

Business managers must possess acute understanding of business organization, finance and communication. They must also know their market from top to bottom. WFCA University offers immersive programs covering all aspects of business management.  In total, there are 25 online training modules focused on everything from business financials to merchandising to process involvement. The coursework is the product of business leaders from across the country each of whom brings extensive experience and a proven track record to the table.

“WFCA University is tailored to deliver just the right level of training for every stage of an individual’s career, whether just starting out or a highly-seasoned business owner,” said Freida Staten, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, WFCA. “The Business Management component covers all of the bases – budgets, delegation, motivation, communication, management and more. All modules are live action and engaging and provide testing and certification 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. There is also no limit on how many people within your organization can log-on and access the content which spans the gamut when it comes to insights and training that can help professionals take their careers and businesses to the next level.”

For more information on WFCA University, custom training or to access online training, visit: WFCA.ORG; or contact Tom Jennings, Vice President, Professional Development, WFCA by phone (785) 423-1212; or email —

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