Upcoming CFI Accelerated Carpet Installation Training Classes Filling Up

Certified Floorcovering Installer Association (CFI)

As word spreads, retailers and students across the country are contacting and booking seats for the Certified Floor Covering Installers exclusive accelerated carpet installation class. To accommodate demand and facilitate access to the class, CFI will be offering two options for the next class, which will start on May 16 – one class will be available at the CFI training facility in Forney, TX, and another will run simultaneously in the WFCA office building in Anaheim, CA. Both will turn out graduates in only five weeks!

“We hit the ground running with our training facility in Forney, and since March we have been turning out certified graduates ready to begin work immediately,” said Robert Varden, Vice President, CFI. Varden said the expansion of the program to include training in Southern California was stoked by the success of the course and positive feedback from students and the retailers waiting to employ them. “This expansion has been a part of our plan. The facility in Anaheim offers the same level of accredited professional instructors, latest equipment, tools and products that are available at the Texas based school, as well as a vast space for training.”

“This is a great time to join other professionals pursuing careers in installation,” Varden continued. “Our industry is expected to be worth over $330 billion over the next few years and right now there are tens of thousands of retailers and consumers looking to hire trained professionals to install flooring. I urge interested parties and retailers that have jobs to fill to take a look at our program and give us a call.”

Since its opening a number of retailers have contacted the institution with leads on potential students. Retailers also have expressed interest in underwriting student scholarships. “Sponsoring retailers then can hire certified, cutting edge installation expertise that cannot be garnered anywhere else in the world,” Varden said.

Interested students do not need any previous installation experience to attend the CFI classes. The course in both the Texas and California locations offers a comprehensive line-up of all the technical aspects required for basic residential carpet installation. In addition to the accelerated carpet class, the Forney school also offers long and short-term training programs in every flooring product category for students at all levels. For more information or to register for the new carpet installation class or another program, visit here.

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