CFI Association Celebrates First Class of Graduates

Certified Floorcovering Installer Association (CFI)

Next Five-Week Installation Course Slated to Start April 4 – Seats Are Still Available!

The hallways and classrooms at the new CFI Training Facility in Forney, TX, have been bustling with footsteps and activity over the past few weeks. On February 1, enrolled students experienced firsthand something that had never been available before on an ongoing basis in the industry – an accelerated residential carpet installation class designed to turn out graduates in five weeks.

On March 4, the CFI school presented its first graduating class from the proprietary program. The certified graduates came off of five weeks of intensive training ready to begin work immediately.

Chase Tanner of Lonnie’s Carpet Max in Rockford, IL trimming in his 8X8 workstation
Chase Tanner of Lonnie’s Carpet Max in Rockford, IL trimming in his 8×8 workstation.

“I am amazed and gratified by the craftsmanship and integrity of work I have witnessed from our trailblazing graduates,” said Robert Varden, Vice President, CFI Division of WFCA. “The hands-on training and low student teacher ratio is of paramount importance to the caliber and success of our CFI students. Unlike other training programs, graduates of our highly efficient class had jobs lined up upon graduation!”

Since its opening a number of retailers have contacted the institution with leads on potential students as well as an interest in underwriting scholarships for students who then can go on to work for them with certified, cutting edge installation expertise that cannot be garnered anywhere else in the world.

Colin Smith of Lonnie’s Carpet Max in Rockford, IL looking over his finished work
Colin Smith of Lonnie’s Carpet Max in Rockford, IL looking over his finished work.

Lonnie Presson, owner of Lonnie’s Carpet Max based in Rockford, IL, is one business owner at the forefront of efforts to secure high caliber talent to fulfill installation of flooring purchases made by his customers. “CFI has been renowned in our industry for decades for their ability to train professionals who will lead their field in skills and dedication,” said Presson. “When word about the new accelerated carpet installation class in Forney was announced, I was one of the first business owners in line to secure enrollment for two very promising students.” Presson said the newly minted certified installers hit the ground running. “Any retailer would be foolish to not take advantage of the training offered by CFI. It’s absolutely amazing to think of the impact that this five-week training course had and will continue to have on the lives of the two students I sent to the school. I could not be more thrilled!” Presson said he already has contacted the institution about registration for the next round of training.

CFI students finishing up a long day of training
CFI students finishing up a long day of training.

Interested students do not need any previous installation experience to attend the CFI class. The course offers a comprehensive line-up of all the technical aspects required for basic residential carpet installation. The next accelerated carpet installation class begins at the Forney, TX school on April 4th followed by another offering of the course in Anaheim, CA on May 16. In addition to the accelerated carpet class, the school also offers long and short-term training programs in every flooring product category for students at all levels. For more information or to register for the new carpet installation class or another program visit:

“Our training programs are second-to-none and our graduates deliver on our foundation of raising the level of professionalism and craftsmanship in our industry,” said Varden. He pointed out that the training school was designed as part of an industry-wide effort to help resolve the installation crisis. “If our recent graduates are any indication of what the future holds in store, then I know we are all headed in the right direction,” Varden added. “I hope you will join our effort and support this vital training and certification program.”

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