DMX Plastics Joins NALFA

Washington, D.C. – April 25 – The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) is pleased to announce DMX Plastics Limited has joined NALFA as an Associate Member. DMX Plastics, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of moisture control products such as DMX 1-Step, DMX AG, DMX 5M and Corrugated Tubing.

“We’re excited to have DMX Plastics,Ltd. join NALFA as an Associate Member,” says Bill Dearing, President of NALFA. “The company is an innovator in moisture control products, a great fit for our goal of promoting and growing the laminate category.”

The commercial and multi-residential laminate market is an area where a high importance is placed on protection from moisture damage and improved sound ratings, and DMX, Ltd. provides its customers with numerous best-in-market options for underlayment.

“Joining NALFA allowed us to venture into markets where there is a high importance placed on the certification of laminate products through NALFA and gives us a chance to share our new technology with the laminate flooring industry,” says Dwight Walker, technical specialist at DMX Plastics, Ltd. “Now we’re playing a role in seeing that all manufacturers of dimple sheet products for underlayments are represented within NALFA, from the standpoint of supporting the many advantages that dimpled sheet underlayment products provide to the laminate flooring industry.”

As with all wood-based products moisture can have an adverse effect on the performance of the laminate floor. Moisture can cause warping, expansion of its base elements, mold and mildew propagation, and defacing of the laminate finish. DMX Plastics Ltd. products such as DMX 1-Step with its very low water vapor moisture resistance aids in keeping laminate flooring looking and performing as it should for years after they are installed.

The DMX 1-Step underlayment is a thermally formed HDPE membrane with 8mm dimples embossed into the sheet, while at the same time has a HDPE anti-bacterial foam thermally bonded to the HDPE plastic membrane. The dimples that are formed into the finished product provide insulation properties along with the foam, in addition the foam acts as a thermal break, stopping direct transfer of heat from the finished floor surface. The foam also provides an acoustic break from transferring vibration sounds to the structural substrate (wood or concrete) beneath it. The HDPE plastic sheet also provides a vapor barrier to control the diffusion of vapor moisture from beneath from affecting the finished flooring materials.

The benefits of DMX 1-Step for laminates include:

● Support for click-lock systems

● Air space for insulation

● High-density foam for acoustic sound deadening, resisting mold growth

● High compressive strength to support accessories such as pool tables without sacrificing integrity

● Meant for the DIY projects, lightweight rolls, easy to install

● Helps keep laminate floors in basements and on slabs on grade warmer, dryer

NALFA offers five levels of membership – Regular Manufacturing Membership, Associate Membership, Testing House/Lab/Academic Membership, Buying Group or Cooperative Membership and Alliance Dealer Membership. For more information, visit to download the membership packet.

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