FCICA Successors Meet, Discuss Importance of Involvement


The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) recently held the inaugural meeting of the Successors group during its 34th Annual Convention. The happy hour event allowed Successors to connect with one another and speak about important industry topics.

The Successors group was created to bring together like minded commercial flooring professionals age 40 and under advocating involvement in FCICA, education and networking resources. The Successors group represents the next generation of floor covering professionals.

Led by Graham Capobianco, Chairman, the Successors committee met during the convention to discuss the current labor shortage and how to acquire and retain young talent within the flooring industry.

Furthermore, the group discussed the importance of education and training for young professionals currently in the industry and those considering joining; and how best to reach companies and their respective employees to provide needed education and training as well as increase engagement to better the industry as a whole. The committee created an outreach plan to connect with flooring contractors nationwide and promote the benefits of getting “their successors” involved in the industry through education, training and organizations, such as FCICA.

To learn more about the Successors Group and to join the Successors, visit www.fcica.com/successors.

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