First Finger-Friendly® Folding Utility Knife on the Market

The Slice Folding Utility Knife is stunning—and safer

San Jose, CA, February 13, 2019– The Slice® 10562 folding utility knife is sure to please workers and safety managers alike with its sturdy metal housing, unique handle features, and finger-friendly® safety blade. Compliance won’t be an issue when workers meet this sleek, updated reboot to the traditional buck knife. Its smooth black handle sports a striking orange finger loop that provides a firm grip and ultimate control. The attached belt clip keeps the tool handy in any working environment and its quick-release lock ensures it’s ready to cut as soon as you are.

Many safety managers tell us they have trouble enforcing the use of safety knives at work; their staff is too attached to using personal buck knives. The 10562 Folding Utility Knife is our answer to that challenge because it meets workers halfway. It combines the styling of popular folding hunting knives with our unique finger-friendly safety blade.
– TJ Scimone, Slice founder and CEO

This newest Slice utility knife includes the best of our line: ergonomic design, quality craftsmanship, and a finger-friendly blade: the only true safety blade on the market. To make our unique blades, Slice takes advantage of the properties of zirconium oxide—an advanced ceramic—and uses a proprietary grind that cuts materials effectively and is safe to the touch. Slice blades are easy to clean and never rust. More controlled cuts with the comfortable finger loop mean fewer slips and an ambidextrous design means that anyone can work with the 10562.

About Slice – Since 2008, Slice, Inc. has been rethinking safe cutting. By leveraging the properties of advanced ceramics, Slice created the world’s first finger-friendly® blade edge. This remarkable technology reduces the danger of lacerations. Slice supports OHS professionals with safer tools and our Workplace Safety Blog .

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Slice makes cutting safer, primarily through our innovative finger-friendly® ceramic blades. Slice blades, with a proprietary safety grind, cut materials effectively but are safer to touch than dangerous metal blades. With new technology like this and a commitment to improving ergonomics and design, it’s no wonder that over half the Fortune 1000 trust Slice to reduce injuries and lower costs. Slice box cutters and utility knives are sold globally and distributed in over 30 countries.

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