Home Latest News Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) holds Flooring Executive Summit
Home Latest News Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) holds Flooring Executive Summit

Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) holds Flooring Executive Summit

FCLCThe Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) hosted a Flooring Executive Summit on March 12, 2019 at the Dalton Convention Center.  Scott Humphrey, FCLC member, and Kathi Rose, The Blackstone Group, updated the group on the labor shortage challenge, presented the research collected by the Blackstone Group and asked for signed pledges to collaborate on taking the industry to the next step.

After the presentation, the following pledge was read:

“We the undersigned acknowledge that shortages and gaps in the floor covering installation workforce pose serious challenges to the well-being of the floor covering industry as a whole. We hereby pledge ourselves and our organizations to provide the leadership, funds, and/or other significant support required to undertake a long-term initiative that will generate a sufficient and sustainable installation workforce.”

The pledge was signed by the following:

Advanced Adhesive Technologies     Greg Wood

AHSG/Commercial One                     Joe Weber

Amaz Floors                                        Luxia Hong

American OEM                                   Don Finkell

CFI                                                      Robert Varden

Divergent Adhesives                           Sonny Callaham

Emily Morrow Home                           Emily Finkell

FCICA                                                 Kim Oderkirk

Flooring Success Systems                 Jim Armstrong

FUSE Alliance                                     Geoff Gordon

IUPAT                                                 Mike Heinz

Loba-Wakol                                         Ashley Carter

MAPEI                                                 Charlie Nielson

Metroflor                                              David Altman

Mohawk Industries                              Tom Lape

NWFA                                                 Anita Howard

Protect-All                                           Jerry Lee

QEP                                                    Kevin Keefe

RFMS                                                  Terry Wheat

Roberts                                               Tracy Muller

Tarkett                                                 Len Ferro

Wagner Meters                                   Jason Spangler

WFCA                                                 Scott Humphrey

WFCA                                                 Tom Jennings

WFCA                                                 Steve Abernathy

Anyone else who would like to sign the pledge and show their support may do so on the FCLC website. The executive summary and quantitative assessment of the research is available there as well. View the Executive Summit presentation here.

FCLC plans to reach out to those who have signed the pledge and host a meeting in San Antonio at La Cantera Resort & Spa in August in conjunction with CFI’s 2019 Convention and discuss the next steps needed to help resolve the industry shortage.

About FCLC

The FCLC was established in 2015 as a coalition of flooring industry trade associations committed to identifying issue and developing solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Currently, the following associations support the FCLC including: American Floorcovering Alliance, Inc. (AFA), International Certified Flooring Installers Associations Inc. (CFI), Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA), North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD), National Institute of Certified Floorcoverings Inspectors (NICFI), National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).

For more information, visit www.fclcouncil.org.


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