Floor Inspectors Educational Guild to Host Three-Day Course

Set for March 26-28 in New Orleans, LA, the Floor Inspectors Educational Guild is hosting a three-day course featuring Dr. Brian Bond, Dr. Joseph Loferski and Dr. Daniel Hindman from Virginia Tech University, Dr. DeWitt from Clemson University, and Mickey Moore, former NOFMA (The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association) wood flooring inspector and author.

The three-day course will focus on advanced scientific education with industry professionals who will help you apply wood sciences and documentation to your inspections.

The topics to be addressed include:

  • Four stages of Drying, Stress in Drying
  • Drying Defects
  • Moisture in Buildings and Construction
  • On-site Grading Inspection
  • And so much more!

The event will also include optional evening classes. Already scheduled is an evening class by Sonny Callaham from Parabond Adhesives on Adhesives and Wood. The topic of an additional course will be announced soon. Cost of the course is $495.

To register or for inquiries, contact Selva “Lee” Tucker via email: selvalee@mac.com; or by calling (864) 238-5507.

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