FloorFolio Announces Partnership with Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS)

Alliance Marks Continued Embrace by Flooring Industry of the Revolutionary Magnetic Flooring System

FloorFolio and MBSMichael Freedman, president and chief executive officer of FloorFolio, a commercial flooring manufacturer based in Edison, NJ, announced the company’s partnership with Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS).

Regarding the new coalition, Freedman commented, “As a leader in commercial flooring solutions, FloorFolio is always on the look-out for standout products that will enhance our portfolio offering to clients. The new magnetic flooring product, MagneBuild™, is an industry game-changer and we see tremendous growth potential in it. With our partner MBS, we are bringing to market a proprietary and customized magnetic flooring product, inspired by MagneBuild, but designed exclusively for the commercial real-estate developer. Our new line is called Levitate.”

Freedman continued, “Levitate, which includes commercial-grade magnetic flooring and wall tile, fills a gap in the commercial market that, until now, has been exposed. We see our new introduction as a real solution for the end user that traditional flooring products just can’t compete with. One of the main issues for any end user or flooring contractor are costly call-backs and time consuming repairs.  With the installation of Levitate, these issues become non-existent.  Levitate offers the ability to simply remove a plank and instantly replace it, eliminating any downtime for an active facility. I have every confidence that we are only beginning to scratch the surface in terms of the potential applications of this new product.”

With the ability to customize colors, textures and sizes, FloorFolio supplies 2mm and 3mm LVT, loose lay, a rigid floating LVT, and now the new Levitate Magnetic Flooring line to the commercial sector.  FloorFolio’s exclusive product line up address many of the issues end users face during installation including floor preparation, time to install, acclimation, quality, and most importantly sound.  In addition to being the first commercial manufacturer to debut a magnetic flooring option, FloorFolio also broke ground with a singular sound solution in their triple-patented EnviroQuiet LVT.  The performance benefits of this stand-out product include an acoustic underlayment that is permanently attached to the LVT thereby eliminating any issues that occur when installing over a traditional sound pad.

Scott Humphrey, president and chief executive officer, World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) and managing director of MBS, had this to say about the new partnership. “When launching a new technology that has the potential to impact an entire industry in the way that MBS does, nothing is more important to our team than aligning ourselves with the right partners to take the product to market. Reputation and innovation continue to be of the utmost importance to us. Floorfolio is a standout company in the flooring industry. We singled them out and targeted them for partnership with MBS based on their reputation for top quality products, stellar customer service and performance.”

Humphrey added, “WFCA recognized the potential impact of the MBS technology on the flooring industry and became a part owner to ensure its members had a voice on this revolutionary innovation.”

For more information about FloorFolio please visit here. For more details on MagneBuild (MBS) products, please visit here.


With core values centered around partnerships, FloorFolio strives to maintain products of quality and durability, while also providing innovative technologies that offer sound solutions for the flooring industry. FloorFolio is committed to providing customers a wide-ranging product line that is diverse in style, competitive in price and most importantly, low-maintenance.

We center our product line around choice. While most of our competitors offer a standard six color product line to the Multi Family segment, we offer over 200 various colors and patterns in Wood, Stone, Concrete and Abstract Collections. We also offer the ability to customize the size, texture and pattern. We are not limited by our collections, instead we offer the flexibility to give the end user what they need.


The Magnetic Building Solutions underlayment system, MagneBuild, is a construction-specific building solution utilizing interchangeable magnetic technology. The magnetic platform simplifies manufacturing, providing a system that allows for unprecedented flexibility in product design. The MagneBuild system works across all flooring categories. In addition to the ease of use, interchangeability, and aesthetic flexibility, the most valuable benefit of the technology is the quantified time savings that MBS provides to the end user by allowing for very minimal impact on business flow. The underlayment is not only innovative, but also addresses key flooring concerns including the need for adhesives, a moisture barrier, and a crack isolation membrane. The MBS system utilizes industrial byproduct and has a large recycled material content. Magnetic Building Solutions, LLC is based in Dalton, GA. Visit www.magneticbuildingsolutions.com to learn more.

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