Forestia Introduces Particle Board Subfloors with Välinge Locking Technology

Forestia introduces particle board subfloors with Välinge locking technology
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Norwegian particle board producer Forestia signed a license agreement with Välinge earlier this year and is now launching particle board subfloors with a specially developed version of 2G locking technology by Välinge.

By adding the 2G mechanical locking system on the long side of the company’s subflooring, Forestia becomes a pioneer in meeting the growing demand for particle board products with easy installation and outstanding locking performance.

“It’s great to make everyday life easier for our customers, both from a cost- and installation perspective. It is important for us to be innovative and develop solutions which make the handing with our products easier and better for our end-users. Our expertise in raw material, combined with Välinge’s knowledge within locking technologies, made us come up with the best solution for click in load-bearing subflooring,” says Terje Sagbakken, CEO, Forestia.

The 2G locking system by Välinge is one of the most used and appreciated systems in the world for floating installation of laminate, wood and resilient flooring. However, angling installation of the long side also has a lot of advantages for subfloors. By customizing and adjusting the profile, Välinge has now established the basis for a whole new patent family, thereby allowing the 2G locking technology to develop further.

“Particle board subflooring is a completely new market for Välinge and we see a big potential. Välinge’s locking technology saves time and it provides a much smoother handling for the floor installer. We are proud to now being able to further reduce the costs and time spent on the construction site, by expanding our already extensive technology cooperation with floor manufacturers to include subfloor manufacturers as well,” says Mr. Niclas Håkansson, CEO, Välinge Innovation.

The first range of particle board subfloors with Välinge’s locking technology will be on the market from August 2018.

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