Halex Carpet Tack Strip: Product Guide

Until the carpet tack strip was developed in the 1930s, most residential floors were made of hardwood and any carpet that did exist was either loose laid or fastened to the floor with upholstery tacks. The new innovation of “tackless carpet gripper” revolutionized the carpet industry by making carpet both easy and economical to install. Today, this product is commonly referred to as a carpet tack strip, carpet strip, tack strip, carpet installation strip, tackless strip, tackstrip, or tackless carpet gripper. Whatever you call it, there are several important factors to consider when selecting carpet tack strip for a particular type of installation, including: the width of the carpet tack strip, the type of anchoring nail used, the length of carpet tack strip, the type of wood, the pin height, and whether or not to use aluminum strip.

To learn more about each component please select from one of the following topics:

– Type and Width of Carpet Tack Strip

– Type of Pre-Nailed Anchoring Nail

– Length of Carpet Tack Strip

– Type of Carpet Tack Strip Wood

– Carpet TackStrip Pin Height

  – Aluminum Carpet Tack Strip


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