Halex-VersaShield Flooring Underlayment Installation and Comparison

VersaShield Flooring Underlayment from Halex Corporation is the ideal moisture suppression system for both soft and hard floor coverings.
Roll it! Tape it! It is that easy.

VersaShield is ideal for use with most floor coverings, including:
* Carpet
* Carpet Tile
* Solid Wood
* Engineered Wood
* Laminate
* Vinyl Composition Tile

VersaShield Flooring Underlayment’s unique structure allows the installer to adhere the chosen floor covering to its mineral top surface, while the polymer film coating on the bottom provides the moisture suppression. VersaShield’s dimensional stability means it lays down flat on the slab, so gluing the product to the slab is never required.

This video includes a comparison of cost savings and time to install over other flooring underlayments with superior performance.

Learn more about VersaShield Flooring Underlayment on Halex’s web site at:

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