HPS Schönox SL

Schönox SL

Schönox SL
Cement Based Rapid Drying Smoothing and Finishing Compound suitable to provide a smooth finish on various substrates in interior areas. Schönox SL can be installed as a true featheredge. Moisture resistant (interior only.)

Technical Data
Compressive Strength: 25N/MM sq / 3700 psi at 28 days
Coverage: Approx. 200 sq.ft. per unit as a featheredge
Emicode: EC 1 PLUS Regulated: very low emission
LEED: EQc2 Low-Emitting Materials, 1 to 3 points
MR 1.1 Building Reuse Maintain Existing Walls, Floors and Roof, up to 3 points
MR 1.2 Building Reuse Interior-Maintain Existing Interior Nonstructural Elements, 1 point
Pot Life: Approx. 10-20 minutes at 68˚F
Ready for covering: After approx. 20 minutes when applied as a featheredge
Shelf Life: 1 year unopened
Working Temperature: Not below 41°F floor temperature
Packsize: 10 lb. net weight in paper bags

Schönox SL

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