Introducing Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors

MP Global Products Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors

MP Global Products introduces Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film, a gentle radiant heat film designed specifically for floating engineered wood and laminate floors that installs easily over a subfloor or acoustic underlayment. It is also ideally suited for some floating tile floors.

The lightweight roll-out line voltage system features gradual supplemental warmth from low wattage resistance heating of ultra-thin, flexible radiant heat film, using just 12 watts per square foot and conforming to warranty requirements of many floating floors.

Not requiring any maintenance and adding comfort to a home, Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film is a value-adding install that many homeowners and builders are looking for. And, installation, which is very easy, requires a licensed electrician to make the final hook-up.  So why not get in from the start and offer Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film to your customers?

Featuring an ultra-thin wireless filament configuration (just .016” thick), Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film installs quickly in one day without any mortar or glue. Simply roll out each panel and cut it to length. Each panel has wires pre-attached at one end for ease of installation. Direct all lead wires toward one central electrical box, with final connection by a licensed electrician to the electronic programmable thermostat.

Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors:

  • Is available in four convenient rollout pad sizes (3’ x5’, 3’ x 10’, 1.5’ x 5’ and 1.5’ x 10’) that will accommodate most any layout
  • Disperses a fast, more evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor
  • Does not require any maintenance
  • Features heating film strips laid out in parallel on the pad so if one strip becomes compromised or damaged, the rest of the strips continue to heat

Technical Hotline: 888-WARM PAD

For more information, visit, or call 888-379-9695.

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