Loxcreen Prova-flor Subfloor System

ProVa-Flor is a uniquely dimpled HDPE membrane intended to protect all types of flooring from the
effects of damp concrete, while ProVa-Flor’s air gap allows the concrete to breathe and provides
thermal break from the slab.
• ProVa-Flor provides a continuous damp proof barrier between the slab
and flooring material.
• ProVa-Flor is unaffected by high alkaline concrete that breaks down
conventional polyethylene barriers.
• The thermal break provided by ProVa-Flor’s air gap results in:
A: Warmer floors in winter.
B: Reduced condensation in humid environments, (and resultant mold,
mildew and musty odors)
Installation Procedures: ProVa-Flor is installed in strips, dimples down, over the concrete slab.
The smooth tab (selvage edge) on the roll overlaps and is sealed to the adjacent strip. An OSB load
spreading sheet is then placed over the ProVa-Flor and fastened to the concrete in 24″ intervals.
All types of flooring may then be installed, following the manufacturers instructions for
“above grade” floors. Detailed instructions are included in each roll.

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