Loxcreen Prova-Shower System

  • Loxcreen is proud to present the latest addition to our ProVa® family. The ProVa® Shower System line now includes a new 32”x 60” center drain application kit….moreSee brochure

ProVa Systems – List of additional products available – Immediate Shipment…ProVa-Board//ProVa-Board Fasteners//ProVa-Seal…more

As part of our continuing effort to keep you informed of any improvements we may have initiated recently, we are pleased to announce the additional of Hammered Antique Bronze finish….more

All new Metal Décor finish…The new finishes and sublimation process is new to Loxcreen…Utilizing the sublimation process will allow us to manufacture a wood grain finish on an aluminum trim.  This will ensure durability and strength for your flooring project…more

Oak & Maple Bull Nosing – 4ft Lengths – Finishes 3/4″ hardwood at top of stairs or landings…more

Vinyl Self Stick Tub Cove Moulding  is commonly used at the outside base of bathtubs to finish off hard surface installation projects…more

Commercial 2IN T-cap for use where adjacent floors meet and color coordination is important….Made for high traffic commercial purposes….more

Counter Top/Stair Nosing provides a decorative finish while protecting the edge of tile or stone from chips and dents….more

FTNP4220 – Vinyl Stair Nosing – New & Improved – Specification changes…more

Luxury Vinyl Tile Trims (LVT) – As a leader in floor trims and mouldings, Loxcreen Flooring Group is on of the only companies capable of producing an aluminum vinyl luxury floor trim that is strong enough to withstand daily traffic, but attractive enough to compliment the beauty of Luxury Vinyl Tile floors….more

Ceramic Outside Corners – We at Loxcreen are constantly upgrading our product line and looking for innovative ways to make your task easier….more

The ProVa-Shower Counter Display…An innovative point of purchase customer information tool…more

Loxcreen Flooring Group is very proud to announce the addition of our “DISCUS” Rubber Tile & Stair Tread program.  “Discus” is a versatile rubber flooring/stair tread program which meets all the functional and aesthetic requirements from a designer’s perspective…more 

CM331STS08 – 1/8IN Stainless Steel Resilient Cove Cap…more

MDF LAMINATE MOULDINGS – LAUNCHING “NEW” COLORS…We have launched “new” MDF Laminate colors in regards to the 6mm-9mm & 10mm-14mm MDF Laminate Mouldings programs…more

ProVa-Shower kits (48” X 48” centre drain placement & 32” x 60” off set drain placement) are now available with PVC drains…more

ProVa-Shower Curb – We have improved our 38IN ProVa-Shower curb… NOW Shipping 4-1/2″ x 6″ x 48″ ProVa-Shower Curb …The new ProVa-Shower curb will allow completing those special installations.  Also, we added one additional dovetail mortar channel to the bottom for superior bonding strength…more

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