MAPEI’s New Mapesil T Formulated to Produce the Perfect Flexible Seal

MAPEI's Mapesil T for tile and stone installations


MAPEI has added Mapesil T to its Tile & Stone Installation Systems (TSIS) product line of finishing and care products.

This professional-grade, 100%-silicone sealant for use on multiple substrates has been specifically formulated for heavy traffic found in residential installations and commercial installations such as malls, and other institutional buildings. It is also approved for use in expansion/movement joints, meeting or exceeding ASTM, ANSI and TCNA standards.

“Because Mapesil T is a 100%-silicone formulation, it meets the Tile Council of North America’s Environmental Classifications Res 1 to 6 and Com 1 to 6 for use in interior and exterior, wet and dry installations. So it will have wide appeal for a number of applications,” said David Mowery, MAPEI Business Manager, TSIS Color Products & UltraCare. “Its excellent elongation and flexibility make it ideal for use in both change-of-plane and joint applications in tile or stonework.”

Mapesil T has been formulated to a low sheen to match the gloss of grout joints and is color-matched to MAPEI’s grout color palette. “We are launching Mapesil T in 25 colors plus a clear formulation, and expect to expand to our complete color palette by mid-2016,” Mowery said. “We have received considerable interest from the marketplace and anticipate a high demand for Mapesil T.


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