National Equipment Floor Installation Tools

Floor Installation Tools

Kickers, stretchers, wall trimmers, knives, blades, measuring tapes & more

Knee Kickers

Carpet knee kickers used to lay carpet in large or small areas


Quick and accurate measuring • Includes popular brands such as Leica, Rolotape, Stanley and Starrett

Hammers & Mallets

Wide variety of hammers & mallets • Special sale prices • Specially designed for carpet work

Testing / Inspection

Test and Inspection Equipment for measuring moisture in wood, drywall, plaster, brick, roofing, siding, other construction materials

Tool Packages

Handyman or professional tool packages consisting of commonly used tools for the carpet installer

Carpet Hand Sewing

A variety of hand sewing supplies • Includes thimbles, thread, needles and more


Laying carpet can be difficult even for the most experienced do-it-yourselfer. Well made carpet stretching tools will help make the job look exactly as you like!

Seaming: Irons, Tape, Glue Guns

A wide range of top quality seaming equipment. Check out the highly popular #100 Dream Seam!

Stair Tools

Portable and effective stair tools, tucking tools, and drive down bars


Large selection of rollers for a variety of uses including linoleum seam work, floor and counter top coving, rolling plastic laminate, pulling seams together and much more!

Knee Pads

Top quality protective knee pads available in swivel style, deluxe comfort, foam rubber, leather and much more

Wood Tools

Install hardwood flooring with top quality brands such as iTools and Hammerhead

Straight Edges

Make certain your flooring project is 100% accurate with a T-Square or Straight Edge • Steel or Aluminum, Straight or Combo Edge, Triangles and Rug Squares

Staplers / Tackers / Nailers

Duo-Fast, Senco and National Brand hand, electric or rechargeable staplers, hammer tackers, and floor nailers

Heat Guns & Accessories

Industrial heat guns/ heat welders for the floor covering professional • Wide selection of heat gun nozzles and other accessories

Tool Boxes

Heavy duty aluminum or steel tool boxes to keep tools organized, dry and secure


Utility blade knives, slotted blade knives and replacement blades • Check out the #60 Wonder Knife, strong yet feather light!

Shears / Scissors / Cutting Tools

National brand carpet shears, scissors and cutting tools are hot forged, hardened and tempered of the finest cutting grade steel • Double plated to resist wear and finished to provide a smooth, easy cutting edge • American made

Circle Cutters/Repair

Carpet and rug repair tools ranging from small (#579 Circle Cutter) to large (#96 Patch Master™)

Tile Cutters/Ceramic Tools

Everything you need for cutting and installing ceramic tile including Shaper Saws for intricate curves, heavy duty diamond blades, tile spacers, grouting gloves and much more

Jamb Saws

Undercut Jamb Saws designed to trim wood door jambs and base boards • Also includes a selection of carbide blades and Toe-Kick Saw


Multi-purpose trowels and spreaders • Available in steel or plastic, professional or disposible • Many with CLOSEOUT SPECIAL PRICING

Brooms / Brushes / Cleaners

Brushes and Brooms to revitalize carpet quickly without vacuuming • Raises trapped-in dirt and soil for easy removal • Revives crushed matted carpet • Aerates wet carpet to allow quicker drying • Cleaners to cover virtually all types of spots and stains on carpeting, upholstery, garments and more


Gloves, leather chaps, dust shield, respirator, adhesives, pad tape and much more


Sealing tape, tape guns, filament tape, masking tape, pad tape, tying tools and more


Rejuvenate your carpets with a Carpet Steamer from National!

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