New Product, bond tackless strips and more to most anything in 30 minutes.

New FSTR 30 Thin-Gel Adhesive for tackless strips, transitions and more.

FSTR 30 Thin-Gel™ Adhesive is a two-component hybrid polyurethane system for bonding tackless strips, transitions and moldings to concrete, tile, ceramic, marble or wood.  Thin-Gel™ Technology makes FSTR 30 work where other materials fail.  The material goes down thin to provide a superior bond, then quickly gels to provide build and fill in gaps between the substrate and the tack strips.  FSTR 30 crates a flexible bond the cures in 30 minutes, is 100% solids and contains no VOC’s. It is completely self-curing and self-mixing. FSTR 30 is non-swelling and great for bonding dissimilar materials. Use on concrete, wood, metal, tile, marble, ceramic, foam board, and much more. Available in 50ml and 300ml cartridges plus gallon containers.  Made in the USA.


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