New USG Durock™ Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard Now Available

USG Durock™ Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard

USG Corporation has launched its newest lightweight Tile & Flooring Solutions innovation, USG Durock™ Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard.

USG Durock™ UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard offers architects, builders, and tile contractors a strong, lightweight, waterproof and vapor retardant tile base for tub, shower and steam room areas. It is also an ideal underlayment for tile on floors and countertops in new construction and remodeling projects. The board is readily applied over wood or steel framing and does not require washers for installation, unlike competitive foam boards. This new product is the latest addition to the well-known and trusted portfolio of USG Durock® and Fiberock® Brand products, and is ideal for use with the USG Durock™ Brand Shower System.

“There is a growing trend toward waterproof system-ready products, which is one of the great features of the new USG Durock™ UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard,” explained Jeb Broomell, Product Manager, USG Tile & Flooring Solutions. “The USG Durock™ Shower System was created with that waterproofing need in mind as well, since it controls moisture independently of the tile cover. Together the products provide added security against damaging shower leaks.”

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