NWFA Members Volunteer for Nurses for Newborns Project

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has announced member participation in a volunteer wood flooring installation project for Nurses for Newborns, a nonprofit organization focused on providing at-risk families with needed

education, healthcare and positive parenting skills.

“I am happy the NWFA could help make this improvement project happen for Nurses for Newborns, an organization that provides so much good for the St. Louis community,” said Michael Martin, NWFA President & CEO. “We are proud of our members for many reasons, not the least of which is their generosity in sharing their time, knowledge and skills as they did with this project.”

The NWFA member volunteers were Nick Motto and Trever Carson, of Motto’s Flooring in O’Fallon, Mo., Mathew Young, of Craftsman Flooring in Victoria, Australia, and Dustin Tunstall, of Tunstall Flooring in Port Allen, La. The flooring was donated by NWFA member company, Mannington Mills in Salem, N.J.

The project was completed in partnership with Local Floor Layers 1310, whose volunteers were Paul Fromme, of Internal Construction Services in O’Fallon, Mo., and Dave Vanderpool and Dustin Mueller, of Corporate Flooring Group in St. Charles, Mo.

“We are incredibly grateful for members of our community to contribute this magnificent floor,” said Demetria Jackson, Administrative and Community Engagement Specialist at Nurses for Newborns. “To receive such a tangible gift we never could afford on our own, and one that allows us to improve our environment while still focusing our resources on programs for the community we serve is extremely valuable to us.”

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