Plywood Underlayment: Halex Plywood Underlayment

Halex Plywood Underlayment Product Guide

Plywood Underlayment is used to improve wood-based subfloors and provide a suitable base for the final decorative flooring surface. Plywood underlayment is used to provide a stiffer, more structurally sound vinyl, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile or wood floor. It is also used to remove visual imperfections in the subfloor, providing a smooth, defect-free surface that will not show shape conformation or draping through thin flexible floors like sheet vinyl and vinyl composite tile.

Plywood underlayment has become more important in recent years as building construction has shifted to lower grade plywood, particleboard, and OSB (Oriented Stand Board) in subfloors. As vinyl sheet flooring has become thinner and more flexible, it has become increasingly important to have a perfect, smooth surface upon which to install resilient flooring. Plywood underlayment provides such a surface.

The following are important factors to consider when selecting a particular plywood underlayment for your specific installation needs.

To learn more about each component please select from one of the following topics:

– Special Plywood Underlayment Features

– Plywood Underlayment Thickness

– Plywood Underlayment Size

– Plywood Underlayment Nail Pattern

– Plywood Underlayment Technical Data Sheet

– Flooring Manufacturers Requirements

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