Powerhold Surface Protection

Carpet Protection Film

Clear, self adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. Uniquely formulated adhesive system adheres to all carpet substrates. Special blend of polyethylene is highly resistant to tears or punctures. Reverse wound for easy application. Great protection during remodeling, painting, moving, model home tours and parties. Product SKU: CF24200, CF2450, CF30200, CF36250, CF36500
Product Size: 48×500
Dirt Grabber Mats

The DIRT GRABBER is a polyethylene film mat with a tacky surface to remove dust and dirt from footwear. This unique product features a sturdy, re-usable platform constructed of a rigid polystyrene, with a nonskid backing that holds it securely to floor surfaces like carpeting, tile, concrete and more! Each mat contains 30 tabbed layers of film. The mat is available in white, gray, sandstone or marble and may be imprinted with your logo or company name. Refill mats are available Product SKU: DGM
Hard Surface Protection Film

Tinted green, self adhering protective film for hard surfaces like tile, marble, granite, vinyl, laminates and factory finished hardwood. FLOOR SHIELD can also be used to help prevent damage to tubs and counter tops. It is a true multi-purpose product! Product SKU: HS24200, HS36250, HS36500, HS48500
Multi-Shield Hardwood Floor Protection Liner

MULTI SHIELD. The answer for hardwood floor protection. Made from a white, non-woven synthetic fiber, it features a top side with a protective polyethylene barrier while the bottom has a slip resistant coating. It is padded for protection against scratches and dents. MULTI SHIELD protects many surfaces – floors, stairs, tubs, counters and more. It’s water proof and re-usable. Product SKU: HW39166, HW3955
Product Size: 39×166, 39.5×55 

Non-staining, water resistant WATER SHIELD is made from a lamination of two strong kraft papers with nylon scrim reinforcement. WATER SHIELD protects flooring surfaces like hardwood, laminate and tile and does not tear under normal traffic wear, eliminating the need to constantly replace torn paper. WATER SHIELD is moisture resistant and durable enough to be re-used, making it a more economical choice than other products such as red-rosin paper. Product SKU: WS36300, WS48300, WS60300
Product Size: 36×300, 48×300, 60×300

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