QuietWarmth – Radiant Heat Underlayment

QuietWarmth® is a new and exciting product from the manufacturers of QuietWalk® underlayment. We’ve taken our acoustical and insulating technology and combined them with ThermoSoft FiberThermics® heating elements to create a radiant heat system ideally suited for floating wood, laminate floors, Avaire Porcelain and SnapStone® tiles. QuietWarmth® not only deadens impact sound from your hard surface flooring, but it also makes the surface toasty warm, and assists with heating your room.

Electric floor heating is more efficient than electric baseboard heat, and can save homeowners 30 to 50% on their energy bill. QuietWarmth® is a supplemental heating system that is certified safe for combustible wood and laminate floors, as well as ceramic tile installations by Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL approved). Our heating elements are non-metallic, and have an inherent safety feature that automatically shuts down the circuit if needed.

When used with a floating floor, there is no easier or cost-effective radiant heat system for the do-it-yourself handyman to install. QuietWarmth® replaces typical floating floor underlayments, making the total overall thickness from subfloor to floor surface only around 3/8″. Plus there’s no need to bury the system in mortar or concrete. However, QuietWarmth® can also be adhered to the floor if necessary for glue-down wood, or traditional ceramic tile floors.

  • There is no easier radiant floor heating system to install under laminates. Simply roll out QuietWarmth pads over the sub-floor. Duct-tape pads together at the seams and fill-in unheated spaces with non-heated Insulayment or any generic underlayment. Then lay your laminate floor per manufacturer instructions. The heating elements are pre-spaced and factory-mounted on the underlayment pad. No hot water pipes to worry about or thick electrical cables to bury in cement or raise your floor.
  • Quiet Warmth is ideal for adding safe, low cost warmth to your kitchen, family room, basement or any other room in your home. Even, gentle heat distribution warms your floor and adds comfort to the room.
  • Quiet Warmth serves as an insulator of the slab below, a sound barrier and a heater of the floor and room above.Always use a vapor barrier between the slab and Quiet Warmth.
  • Quiet Warmth comes in two convenient sizes: 3′ x 5′ covering 15 S.F and 3′ x 10′ covering 30 S.F. Lay out your floor plan with these two sizes to cover the main living areas where people will be standing, sitting or walking, and fill in the remaining areas with unheated Insulayment or generic underlayment.
  • Quiet Warmth is ideal for glued-down floors: engineered or natural wood. Simply glue down QuietWarmth® to the subfloor, then glue down the wood floor to QuietWarmth.
  • Quiet Warmth can be used as a supplemental or sole source heater. Each pad generates 10 Watts per S.F. The more coverage, the more suited for sole source heating. Call us for assistance in determining your BTU requirements.

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