Case Study: Rugworks Looks to DriTac in Replicating Early 1900s General Store

By John Lio, Vice President of Marketing, DriTac Flooring Products

Case Study: Rugworks Looks to DriTac for Replicating Early 1900s General Store
Photos courtesy DriTac Flooring Products

Rugworks Floorcoverings is a locally owned and operated flooring contractor based in North Carolina. Rugworks opened in 1998 with a primary focus on servicing both the residential and commercial flooring markets. The company recently endeavored to renovate a 3,000 square foot warehouse that was once home to the W.K. Hobbs Oil Company back in 1919. The old warehouse has now been transformed into a showroom designed to replicate an early 1900s general store that utilized silos to capture and contain water for bathroom use.

Emanating with old-time charm, the showroom is intended to provide a unique backdrop for the area’s designer and builder customers who come in to peruse exclusive floor covering selections. Customers can visit the specialized setting to get a better sense of popular patterns and styles for their upcoming projects while also visiting a museum-like atmosphere that helps restore an old fashioned culture dating back to the beginning of the last century. The warehouse renovation was the perfect project for a company that is owned and operated in the USA, and one that truly appreciates and understands its heritage and roots.

“This was an important project for us. Our customers are very important to us and so is the meaning behind our history. It’s a place with a tremendous amount of charm that allows our customer base to get a strong sense of the past while they choose the right flooring type to help build their future,” said Jeff Porter, owner of Rugworks.

Rugworks Floorcoverings
Photos courtesy DriTac Flooring Products

The flooring installation at the now renovated showroom included 9″-wide x 8’- to 12′-long, 3/4” solid pine hardwood flooring installed over a concrete slab. The hardwood flooring was sanded with an oil finish for a classic rustic look and appeal. Hardwood flooring of this old-style, high-quality caliber was the only choice for a project that permeates old world charm and charisma. The only outstanding question left on the design table was which premium-grade wood flooring adhesive would be chosen for such a prestigious installation.

“Without hesitation, we knew that DriTac was the company that could provide the ultimate installation solution for us and this meaningful project,” said Andy Owens, sales representative of Rugworks’ Wilmington location. “DriTac 7800 Supreme Green offers five solutions in one pail and is among the eco-friendliest wood flooring adhesives on the market.”

DriTac 7800 Supreme Green is the latest and most ground-breaking multi-functional flooring adhesive solution introduced to the hardwood flooring industry. Supreme Green provides unlimited subfloor moisture control with no testing required and a lifetime warranty.

As a single-component, 5-in-1 system adhesive, Supreme Green is a premium “green” sound and moisture control hybrid polymer wood flooring adhesive that also acts as a crack suppressant. Extremely easy to clean off the surface of hardwood flooring wet or dry, Supreme Green is a next generation installation solution that can also isolate old cutback adhesive residue. It’s because of these qualities that Supreme Green was the adhesive of choice for the showroom renovation project.

The environmentally friendly features and benefits of DriTac’s line of wood and resilient flooring adhesives have always been appealing to Rugworks and their customer base. This project proved no different, especially given the fact that designers would play a key role.

Moreover, DriTac 7800 contains zero isocyanates, zero VOCs, zero solvents and has been independently tested and certified by CRI for Indoor Air Quality. Supreme Green is manufactured in the USA and can be used to install multi-ply engineered plank, solid wood plank, bamboo flooring and more.

According to a recent study, the split between wood consumption of solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring products is 15% to 85% respectively, in the southeast region of the United States. This further accentuates the uniqueness of the Rugworks showroom project, and how the unparalleled look and feel of solid hardwood flooring can add to a project when the right adhesive solution is utilized.

Further, the showroom job-site at the Wilmington location took approximately two to three months to complete. However, the completed project’s look and feel of an old country general store will last for decades.

It’s important to note that DriTac’s 7800 Supreme Green and its moisture control characteristics played an integral role in this project as solid wood flooring is traditionally more susceptible to moisture vapor emissions due to the compositional breakdown of the product.

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