Schönox Roll and Go™

Installing a new floor is hard work. Specifying environmentally responsible flooring adhesive can be a challenge as well. We have a product that can help on both accounts. Our Roll and Go™ product is used with LVT flooring, one of the fastest growing segments of the flooring industry.

Roll and Go™ is a proprietary adhesive system that is rolled onto the floor from a standing position. Flooring installation can begin 15 minutes later. Gone are the days of spreading adhesive with a trowel.

Roll and Go™ uses minimal adhesive keeping the surface of the tile clean during installation. Time consuming cleaning of the tiles after the installation is eliminated. The rolling application process of the product ensures that the adhesive below the tile is evenly spread.

Tiles are bound immediately so the installer can work on and across the tile without worrying about the tiles slipping. Tiles can be installed for up to two hours after the adhesive is applied. Should that time be exceeded, a second application of Roll and Go™ can be made without removing the first application. Tiles can be walked on and bear loads immediately.

All of these advantages paired with a product that has low VOCs makes Roll and Go™ a great specification and an even better material in the field.

Please visit or call toll free 855.391.2649 for more information. High Performance Subfloors, Inc. is the North American Schönox Provider.

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