Stauf SMP-960 One-Step Wood Floor Adhesive

STAUF SMP-960 One-Step is an advanced formula, unique polymer 3-in-1 adhesive designed for professional wood flooring installation. It replaces isocyanate-containing urethane adhesives which can etch flooring surfaces. It is ozone and environmentally safe since it has no solvents or other hazardous materials. It is certified ‘green’. And it meets ASTM standards for sound and impact noise control. Long open time allows for easy installations. No rolling is required. Since there is no water or solvent present, it will not cause dimensional changes to wood flooring. SMP-960 offers superior flexibility and moisture-retarding capability.The adhesive spreads easily and has a non-slump formula that will help insure contact and adhesive transfer because the ridges will bridge normal gaps between the flooring and sub floor. It allows fast installation even with complicated patterns due to its strong green grab. There is no flash time required, so installation can commence immediately. Rolling is neither required nor recommended. It offers superior flexibility and is designed to keep the flooring in place, yet allow for normal movement during seasonal changes to the flooring.

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