TEC® Expands Product Offering with Preformed Components Line

TEC® introduces Preformed Components to its line of flooring and tile installation products. The new additions to the full TEC® system include preformed niches, slopes, curbs and shower seats, which allow contractors to create beautiful spa-like spaces without sacrificing profitability and efficiency.

Luxurious bathrooms have long been a residential trend, and now larger commercial spaces are also interested in achieving this same look. According to Clear Seas research, 33 percent of tile installations featured preformed shower structures in 2013. As demand for luxury bathrooms continues, TEC® preformed, waterproof construction components allow contractors to add a design element that fits with today’s building trends.

TEC® Preformed Components have a consistent, preformed design that makes them ideal for multi-unit institutional or healthcare environments, resorts and spas, new construction, and remodeling projects that need to be completed quickly. They are also coated with a waterproofing membrane to protect against mold and mildew, which meets ANSI A118.10 and has IAPMO approval.

TEC® Preformed Components are ready to use and easy to install. The Preformed Niches can be used to add a decorative, recessed element to any wall or wet area, and come in five different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any size installation. Because they are composed of one piece, they can easily be placed and secured into the wall. Then, the niche is ready to tile at the same time as the surrounding walls for a uniform aesthetic. This simple process can be repeated consistently over multiple units.

TEC® Preformed Shower Seats are another new product in this line that supports the national luxury spa trend. Their high-density foam construction has a waterproof coating. Available in both 16” and 23” options, the seats can be installed in any tile shower or pool.

TEC® Preformed Components also are designed to help installers with essential aspects of installation: curbs and slopes. The TEC® Preformed Slope adheres to the tile industry specific ¼” sloped fill and complies with the guidelines noted in the TCNA Handbook. The TEC® Preformed Curbs are made in a single-piece construction with consistency that helps save installation time.

These consistent, preformed components provide innovative alternatives to traditional bath and shower fixtures while allowing for faster installations for residential or commercial environments. When used along with TEC® tile installation products, such as TEC® HydraFlex™ Waterproofing Membrane, TEC® 3N1 Mortar and TEC® Power Grout®, TEC® Preformed Components are backed with a limited system warranty*.

For more information on Preformed Components, read our installation guide on www.tecspecialty.com.

The TEC® brand is offered by H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. – a leading provider of technologically advanced construction materials and solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential construction industry. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, the company’s recognized and trusted brands – TEC®, CHAPCO®, Grout Boost®, ProSpec®, Foster®, and others – are available through an extensive network of distributors and dealers, as well as home improvement retailers. For more information, visit www.hbfuller-cp.com.

*For warranty details or to view the product data sheet for detailed product information, visit www.tecspecialty.com.

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