TEC® Introduces Breakthrough WoodPerfect Wood Flooring Adhesive



TEC® announces its newest innovation in wood flooring adhesives – TEC® WoodPerfectTM. Unlike other premium offerings, WoodPerfect™ combines exceptional initial grab, trowelability, moisture control, and sound reduction capabilities without the drawbacks of challenging cleanup. With superior wet suction for easy repositioning, this lightweight wood flooring adhesive has no length or width limitations — making it ideal for the growing trend of luxury residential and commercial installations that feature large wood plank sizes.

Installers who use wood flooring adhesives with fast initial grab often labor over the positioning and cleanup of wood planks. The tenacious grab of WoodPerfect™ offers a time-saving solution that combines performance and ease of use. Its creamy formula trowels on easily with 60-90 minutes of open time for quick placement. Installers do not need to spend hours cleaning adhesive off newly installed floors because WoodPerfect™ cleans up easily without the use of solvents – saving more time and labor. Additionally, WoodPerfectTM has built-in, one-step moisture control and sound reduction for a faster, installer-friendly job.

WoodPerfect™ controls moisture up to 15 pounds, and can be applied to damp concrete up to 95% RH when using the TEC® Moisture/Sound Inhibitor Trowel. The formula offers superior troweling performance with less fatigue from handling, and there is no need for a separate moisture vapor barrier – eliminating yet another step.

With sound-reduction capabilities that contribute to Delta IIC 22dB, WoodPerfectTM reduces sound transmission through concrete subfloors in excess of building code requirements. It provides a solution to multi-level residential and commercial sound specifications. 

“The sound-reduction qualities of WoodPerfect™ saved me 40% on labor and soundproofing materials,” says Avedis Duvenjian, original co-founder of Archetypal Imaginary Corporation in Bronx, NY. “TEC® manufactures innovative wood flooring adhesives, and their new WoodPerfectTM is no exception.”

The installer-friendly formula of WoodPerfectTM offers contractors an isocyanate-free and low-odor adhesive that’s smooth to handle. In addition to damp concrete, WoodPerfect™ can be used on a variety of properly prepared substrates, including plywood, cork underlayment and radiant heat subfloors.

WoodPerfect™ is the latest addition to the TEC® wood flooring adhesive line, joining TEC® WoodStrong® and TEC®WoodLock. The WoodPerfect™ formula is the most advanced technology of the TEC® wood flooring adhesives. TEC®wood adhesives are used with the TEC® surface preparation product line, which includes self-levelers, patches, skimcoats and moisture mitigation systems. TEC® LiquiDam EZ® moisture vapor barrier should be used to treat concrete that’s greater than 95% RH before application of WoodPerfect™. WoodPerfectTM is available with a limited lifetime warranty*. For more information, visit www.tecspecialty.com.

*See sales associate or visit tecspecialty.com for warranty details.

The TEC® brand is offered by H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. – a leading provider of technologically advanced construction materials and solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential construction industry. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, the company’s recognized and trusted brands – TEC®, CHAPCO®, Grout Boost®, ProSpec®, Foster®, and others – are available through an extensive network of distributors and dealers, as well as home improvement retailers. For more information, visit www.hbfuller-cp.com

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