The 2019 Worst Subfloor Contest is Officially Open For Entries

The 2019 Worst Subfloor Contest is Officially Open For EntriesSchönox, HPS North America, understands the challenges installers, contractors, and project managers face day in and day out. We want to honor and acknowledge the never-ending hard work, grit, and determination it takes to be in our industry. To do so, we organized the annual Worst Subfloor Contest.

Now in its sixth year, the competition is expected to be more fierce than ever. Since its inception in 2013, there have been 496 total projects entered into the Worst Subfloor Contest. These entries covered more than 1,243,000 square feet in jobs and shared 2,343 job site photos.

“We want you to once again to BRING IT ÖN in 2019,” said Thomas Trissl, Principal of HPS North America. “As in the years before, we hope to see the toughest jobs all around the country and how Schönox is helping installers win the fight against the floor. This year’s Worst Subfloor Contest will be more exciting than ever. We invite you to show us your worst, and we will show your our best.”

The 2019 Worst Subfloor Contest is Officially Open For Entries

Every year, the winners are announced at the The International Surfaces Event in Las Vegas. First, second, and third prize-winning companies will continue to receive Schönox Dollars in the amounts of $7000, $4000, and $1000, which can be used to purchase any Schönox product or products from their distributor, along with the corresponding place prizes. This year’s prizes as well as judges and other contest updates will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Entries can be submitted here.

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