USFloors Receives Notice of Allowance for COREtec Patent

 USFloors Receives Notice of Allowance for COREtec Patent

USFloors received today a NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE for its COREtec® PATENT APPLICATION # 13/657,750 which was filed on 10/22/2012.

The NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE posted on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website reads as follows:


The patent will give USFloors patent protection for its popular COREtec® LVT collection, including COREtec Plus®, COREtec Plus XL®, COREtec Plus HD™, COREtec One™, SMARTCORE®, Stratum®, Stratum XL®, INNOVA™, Fusion™ Hybrid Floors, Vision™ Hybrid Floors, as well as any future products developed and sold under the protection of its patent.

The exclusive Beaulieu of America COREtec One™ by Bliss® collection, introduced early this year and extensively featured by the company during Surfaces 2015 in Las Vegas, will also fall within the scope of USFloors’ Intellectual Property (IP) rights and protection.

USFloors President and CEO, Piet Dossche, was very happy with this Notice of Allowance, a firm recognition and confirmation by the USPTO of the COREtec® product as a USFloors invention worthy of patent protection.

“I am extremely excited with the Notice of Allowance we received today from the USPTO, as it validates the innovation and development we have brought to the flooring industry with our COREtec® LVT collection. This product has been in development since early 2010 and we have invested a lot of time and money to bring this new flooring product to the market and to have our patent application filed and successfully allowed”.

He continued, “Not many times do we witness the birth of an entire new product category so overwhelmingly accepted by retailers and consumers. I want to work with those companies who are committed to help grow this new product to its full potential and with the right economic intentions, while at the same time protecting it from the danger of commoditization by rogue manufacturers and importers. We welcome healthy competition, which will only endorse, validate and grow the success and popularity of this new product invention, but at the same time, we will vigorously defend our Intellectual Property rights when needed.”

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