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Schönox Products for Exterior Use

Schönox Products for Exterior Use

Exterior Use Products

Each of these Schönox products is designed for interior and exterior use.

Schönox KH Fix
A sometimes underappreciated, if not completely forgotten part of flooring installations, is priming. Schönox understands just how pivotal floor preparation and priming are; that’s why we offer Schönox KH Fix acrylic primer. If you need to prep concrete, gypsum, or old underlayments, Schönox is ÖN IT.

Schönox EPA & EPA Rapid
Residual moisture issues in your concrete subfloor as high as 100% RH can be handled with just one coat. No VOC. Low viscosity. High penetration. Choose Schönox EPA Rapid for even tighter project time constraints. All the benefits of EPA with a faster drying time.

Schönox PL
Sometimes simply pouring a self-leveler over a badly damaged floor is not the answer. For long-lasting solutions, you want Schönox ÖN IT. Schönox PL cement-based repair mortar is suitable on gypsum and cement in interior and exterior areas.

Schönox US
Subfloor issues? Schönox has a variety of self-leveling solutions. Our Schönox US is suitable for cement and gypsum substrates. It is designed for fast leveling and provides a smooth substrate with exceptional strength.

Schönox Protect
Schönox Protect is the newest addition to our adhesives line in North America. Suitable for bonding vinyl floor coverings – sheet vinyl, LVT, and VCT – as well as rubber, cork, and even artificial turf, Schönox Protect provides a moisture-resistant, non-shrinking, solvent-free adhesive layer for porous and non-porous interior and exterior floors.

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