Virginia Tech Wood Science for Wood Flooring Pros

Once again, the Floor Educational Guild has arranged with the Wood Scientist at VaTech a short course for the Wood Flooring Professional.

Discounts have been arranged for students with the Hilton Garden Inn in Blacksburg, VA. A free breakfast is included. To reserve your hotel room, click here.
To optimize your learning experience, the Guild has returned to its beginnings with small classrooms. In order to reach more people, the professors have agreed to teach two classes. The first, two-day class is June 13-14, and the second is June 16-17, 2016. Wood flooring professionals are being given this opportunity first. Register early as seating is limited.


The professors will be utilizing a different approach when teaching about wood flooring.

Density and Specific Gravity (SG) and its Application to Flooring:
  • Learn to use SG for the correct settings on your wood meters for wood species you may not be able to identify (imports).
  • Moisture and wood’s hardness relation to SG and Density, and why wood indents (MOE, Rupture).
  • When are indents or chipped wood an issue, or not an issue, for solid and engineered wood flooring.
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Delamination or shearing or fiber tear
  • Learn the differences and should it happen in an installation?Learn wood and moisture relationships
  • Learn their importance when doing moisture measurements with different meters and Calculating MC when milled.
  • Checks, splits and honeycomb, did nature or man make them?
  • Shake, rot and insect damage
  • Learn the variables that you must know and understand to write a credible report or learn how to review a report submitted to your company
  • Learn how to find Wood Coefficients’ from wood samples for more accurate MC calculations of the installed wood floor.
  • Learn how to calculate PSI to evaluate hardness
  • Strength of wood flooring and moistureSubfloor panels moisture properties
  • Environmental Building Science, a brief overview that it is not a myth.
  • Laboratory work, hands-on testing in the university’s wood laboratory.
In each class, the students will be further divided into three smaller groups. Small classes enhances and optimizes the teaching and learning experience. These small classes will reduce distractions and give you a chance for one on one discussions. Each group is limited to 10 students or less.
The tuition is $550. However, World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) members qualify for scholarship funds — up to 50% of the tuition. That means, for WFCA members, they will only pay $275. You can register for the course here.
You can pay your tuition by check, or by calling Selva “Lee” Tucker to pay by credit card (864) 238-5507. Please send checks to: Floor Inspectors Educational Guild, PO Box 1631, Laurens, SC 29360.

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