Wagner Meters MMI1100 Data Collection Moisture Meter

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About this Moisture Meter
With all of the features of our popular MMC220 wood meter, the MMI1100 moisture meter also includes data collection and is perfect for QC personnel for those applications where simple data analysis is critical.

Materials to Measure 
Common softwoods and hardwoods as well as tropical species
Other Building Products – relative reading on materials with similar densities to wood

Specific Applications 
Designed for applications in either lumber producing or wood manufacturing markets, the MMI1100 moisture meter is easy to use, easy to program and offers data collection and assessment capabilities in the palm of your hand. With its Extended Range Specific Gravity (SG) to measure both domestic and exotic woods, the MMI1100 can quickly and accurately scan many board feet of lumber in just seconds and can store up to 50 moisture content (MC) readings for quality control data analysis. The meter will display the high, low and the average of the stored MC readings.

Wagner Meters’ IntelliSense™ Technology ensures that the MM1100 is measuring deeply IN the wood for a true moisture picture without damage to the wood surface and without interference from surface moisture. And like all of the meters at Wagner Meters, there is no need to adjust moisture content (MC) readings for temperature.

The MMI1100, with its Press and Hold feature, allows you to take the MC reading in dark areas or hard to reach areas in the plant and the display holds the reading once the meter is removed, letting you quickly and easily view the MC reading.

Lightweight, easy to operate, with an extended range SG and data collection capabilities, the MMI1100 gives quick and accurate MC readings right on the floor of the manufacturing site.


Meter Specifications

Size & Weight Length – 4 9/16”; Width – 2 3/4”; Height – 1 1/16”; Weight – .37 lbs
Power Power – 9 volt battery
Auto Power Shut Down – 60 seconds
Control Two button control for on/off and species settings
Press & Hold feature
Moisture Content 5% – 30%
Digital Display in .1% increments
(Note: If the SG selected is >.8, the maximum MC reading will be <30%)
Depth of Measurement 3/4”
Scanning Area 1 1/2” x 2 1/2”
Specific Gravity Selectable wood species setting .20-1.0
Calibration Verifiable with Calibration Block (sold separately)
Other 7 Year Warranty
Battery Included
Shock Resistant Carrying Case with Belt Clip Included
Operating Temperature 30-110 ° Fahrenheit
Stores up to 50 Readings


Download PDF Moisture Meter Manual

Download PDF Moisture Meter Species Adjustment Tables

Specific Gravity Determination Help

MMI 1100 Moisture Meter Repair Form

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