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Rapid RH Concrete Moisture Test Meter

Best Concrete Test
The Rapid RH 4.0 EX concrete test is superior to all other humidity measurement systems on the market today. Rapid RH 4.0 EX concrete moisture tests equilibrate faster than other concrete moisture tests. The reading taken one hour after installation for concrete relative humidity content will be within 3% of the final reading.

Measuring concrete humidity with Rapid RH 4.0 EX is cost-effective, including the fact that it’s a much less expensive initial investment than other humidity measurement systems that are available.

Easy to Use
This concrete RH test is simple to use, anyone on the jobsite is capable of obtaining readings after the Smart Sensor is installed.

Advanced Technology
The technology in Rapid RH 4.0 EX is so advanced, it does all of its accurate work completely automatically, from turning it on by merely picking it up to holding the concrete humidity reading for 5 minutes before powering down. Compliance with ASTM F2170 is easiest when you use Rapid RH 4.0 EX.

Starter Kit Available
The Rapid RH 4.0 EX Starter Kit includes everything you might need to start testing. The Starter Kit makes ordering simple and quick.

RH Testing of Concrete Is Simple and Fast

Wagner Meters accurately tests the RH so you can track the moisture content in your concrete slab. Wagner offers a variety of high quality moisture meters for concrete that can verify the moisture content level.

Questions? Call Wagner today at 1-800-634-9961.

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