WFCA Launches MagneBuild Underlayment Systems

Magnetic Building SolutionsScott Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer, World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), announced the official launch of MagneBuild by Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS), an LLC partially owned by the WFCA. MagneBuilld is a revolutionary new underlayment system that utilizes magnetic technology as the foundation for all types of floors.

The new MBS technology works across all flooring categories from carpet to hardwood to stone. To install flooring with this new product, MagneBuild simply needs to be “rolled out” over any smooth, clean and dry sub floor. It alleviates many installation issues, eliminating the need to bond flooring and making seams a thing of the past. It can be used at any stage in the construction process.

Humphrey said there is no other product on the market that compares to the features offered by MBS. “The ground breaking “roll and go” attributes of MagneBuild are made possible by the combination of two proprietary layers,” he explained. “The magnetic base layer is applied to the sub floor, then topped with the receptive layer consisting of the actual flooring.” That surface layer—carpet, stone, or tile—adheres to the magnetic base by virtue of the proprietary MBS technology. “Any flooring surface whether carpet, laminate, wood, tile or stone can be treated with the specialized MBS receptive layer,” Humphrey said.

Further, Humphrey explained that the MBS technology is deployed in one of two ways, depending on the application and circumstances. “In the first process, ferrite powder can be injected during the manufacturing process into products with a quasi-soft back,” he said. This process works best for LVT, LVP, WPC, and even wallcoverings. “The second method is to adhere a roll of receptive material, which is cold-pressed onto the product at the end of the manufacturing process,” Humphrey added. This is the easiest application for all flooring categories including carpet tile, broadloom, ceramic, porcelain and stone. Both processes result in a tight magnetic bond between the subfloor and finished floor that is virtually waterproof.

The magnetic subfloor also acts as a sound barrier, and even offers crack isolation protection for ceramic floors. Once the subfloor is installed end-users can easily change from an LVT to a ceramic tile to a carpet tile and back again effortlessly with no floor prep time involved at all!

Aside from the ease of use, interchangeability, and aesthetic flexibility associated with the MagneBuild system, the new product provides quantified savings. “This key selling feature translates to less down-time for contractors, builders and other businesses,” Humphrey said. He explained that MBS products are ideally suited for commercial settings where timing is a critical factor.

“Consider hospitality, health-care, senior living, retail environments, restaurants, educational facilities – just to name a few,” Humphrey said. He used a typical 10,000-square-foot commercial remodel with a 12-day install cycle as an example. “MBS tear-out and replace is a two to three-day process,” Humphrey said. Due to its simple design, MBS can provide significant labor savings, he added.

The new MBS technology utilizes recycled materials and is entirely environmentally friendly, with no VOC emissions at any stage of the process. End users can even easily roll-up and take their flooring with them if they chose when they move.

Humphrey met the inventor of the MBS technology, Shane LeBlanc, at the CFI Convention in 2015. Humphrey recalls that LeBlanc, known within the industry for multiple floor focused inventions and patents, got his attention when he noted that he had created something that was “going to change the flooring industry…especially installation.” At the time of their meeting WFCA had already committed itself to solving the installation crisis. Humphrey recalled that after he first saw the applications of the product, he immediately recognized the positive impact it could have on the WFCA and its members: It would indeed help with the installation crisis by allowing installers to install more, make more money, and experience less strain on their bodies; it would shorten the buying cycle that had been extended in recent years with the increasing sales of hard surface products; it would appeal to millennials who were opting out of shopping with specialty flooring stores; and it would give greater flexibility to the commercial and A&D communities.

“A critical factor that comes into play with any type of new flooring is the time commitment,” Humphrey said. “This is true across the board whether it’s a commercial or a residential client.” The time-saving benefits of the new MBS technology are unmistakable.  “Due to its ability to minimize down-time, MagneBuild makes the time concerns surrounding remodels a thing of the past,” Humphrey said. “I have no doubt that this technology will forever change the purchase cycle of flooring because a remodel does not have to be a consideration.”

MagneBuild will make its debut at TISE 2018. For more information on Magnebuild (MBS) products, visit here.


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