WFCA University’s Sales Management Training Programs

WFCAIs your sales team operating at peak performance? When you look at your bottom line, is your closing ratio high or low? Are your profit margins moving steadily north? What percentage of your new business leads end in a sale, and on that note, how would you rate your customer acquisition/retention rate?

If any of these questions leave you scratching your head WFCA University might be just the training resource that you are looking for. Better yet, you may be eligible to access all of the training for you and your entire staff 24/7 FREE — if not, it’ll cost you a little over 50-cents a day. How’s that’s for rock bottom pricing?

In today’s business environment, traditional methods of selling are considered obsolete. Consumers can find all or most of the information that they need with the touch of a finger. That said, modern sales professionals must evolve to the changing business landscape and identify ways to retain their value as consultants by offering the perfect complement of assistance and understanding to help their customers make informed, confident decisions about the things they buy. This type of business insight is especially applicable to the flooring industry and that is where WFCA University’s Sales Management training programs deliver on their mission – to equip you and your team to take your business to the next level!

WFCA University offers two immersive programs in sales management for professionals – Effective Customer Engagement Strategies and Counting Traffic and Calculating Close Rates.  In Effective Customer Engagement Strategies topics include: the importance of a first impression, buyer behavior overview, customer engagement techniques and customer satisfaction. In Counting Traffic and Calculating Close Rates executives will learn to qualify their leads, gage the adoption process and enhance their overall sales performance, among other topics.

“Through WFCA University subscribers will have access to dozens of training platforms tailored to professionals at all levels of their career and for every discipline within a company be it sales associates, sales managers, accountants/controllers, merchandizers, operations managers, human resources and owners, said Staten. “Our Sales Management training program consists of 15 modules that deal with every element of sales and are taught by industry leaders from across the country.”

For more information on WFCA University, regional training or to access online training visit WFCA.ORG or contact Tom Jennings, Vice President, Professional Development, WFCA, 816-231-4646 or

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