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Tom’s Tips: Help Them to Get to Know Your Company

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us to help your new staff get to know your company. The onboarding of a new addition...

Bostik Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ Video Released


The difference between promotional pricing and discounting

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom talks about the difference between promotional pricing and discounting. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are...

Schönox AP

Schönox HPS North America provides a quick overview of Schönox AP, synthetic gypsum based self-leveling compound especially suitable on all gypsum and cement based...

The importance of being 1% better than your competition.


Tom’s Tips: Your Customers are Busy Qualifying You

In this week’s Tom’s Tips, Tom reminds us that customers are judging you not only on the merits of the products you offer, but...

TEGO 9″ Pro Wall Base Cutter

      Tego 9-Inch Pro Wall Base Cutter is a guillotine-style cutter used to cut precise clean edges on profile rubber and vinyl wall base with...

The Dust Hog is Now Available!

The Dust Hog® Helps Protect Installers and HVAC Systems from Airborne Particulates! Dust Hog® Pro LLC has launched a new industry innovation that helps keep...


Tom Jennings shares valuable lessons learned from informercials in part 3 of a series: Infomercial salespeople never make a presentation that they fail to...

Importance of being 1% better than your competition.

Welcome to Tom's Tips. Tom Jennings, Retail Training Expert, presents short video tips for improving your customer service and optimizing your staff performance. In...

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