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When it’s Time to Take it Outside

          Since the arrival of COVID-19, both individually and in our businesses, we have looked for ways to keep our distance from each other. Using...

FMTLC for Successful LFT/LHT Installations

Apply some FMTLC (Floor Madness Tender Loving Care) for Successful LFT/LHT Installations Installing large tiles can be a challenge, especially thick and heavy tiles, typically referred...

Contractor Issues: Acclimation is Vital for Installation Success

Acclimation is defined as the process in which a product adjusts to a change in its environment, allowing it to maintain performance across a...

How to Handle a Job Failure Call

            Flooring installation is a service business. And, as in any service-oriented business, a dissatisfied customer will always make a call beginning with “I’m not...

Survey Reinforces Need for Wood Flooring Specialist Apprenticeship Program

              A year ago, the National Wood Flooring Association conducted its annual Industry Outlook Survey, which provides important insights about how the wood flooring industry...

Understanding Concrete pH and pH Testing

        To understand pH and pH testing, let’s review some important definitions. pH is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance It is...

How Basements and Crawlspaces Affect Wood Floors

Basements and crawlspaces can have a big impact on the performance of wood flooring. Some of these spaces are finished and conditioned, while others...

Heat Welding Linoleum

        Many installers know how to heat weld vinyl proficiently, but struggle when it comes to heat welding linoleum. The reason it is such a...

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