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Understanding Concrete pH and pH Testing

        To understand pH and pH testing, let’s review some important definitions. pH is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance It is...

How Basements and Crawlspaces Affect Wood Floors

Basements and crawlspaces can have a big impact on the performance of wood flooring. Some of these spaces are finished and conditioned, while others...

Heat Welding Linoleum

        Many installers know how to heat weld vinyl proficiently, but struggle when it comes to heat welding linoleum. The reason it is such a...

Fall Issue of the FCICA Flooring Contractor Now Available

Click Here To Read The Latest Issue

New Association Strives To Aid In Shortage of Highly Skilled Flooring Installers

  The newly formed National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT), announces its development of a trade association, comprised of technical flooring professionals, with a...

Dealing with Concrete Joints

Dealing with Concrete Joints  By Ray Thompson, Jr. One of the most perplexing segments of commercial flooring installation is how to handle joints in a concrete...

A Guide to VOCs and Compliance

By Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President Technical Standards, Training & Certification Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are all around us. They are substances formed by combining...

FCICA Flooring Contractor Summer Issue Now Available

The Summer edition of The Flooring Contractor is now available. Click here

The Why and How to Install LVT in Wet Environments

By Jeffrey B. Johnson, MAPEI Floor Covering Installation Systems Business Manager Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring covers the world for many good reasons. To...

Proper Preparation of Gypsum Concrete Substrates Prior to Installing Flooring

By Ray Thompson, Jr. A growing segment for underlayment for the past four decades. It can be found in many residential and few commercial applications....

Your Checklist for Proper Mortar Coverage

By Chris Kain, Western Area Technical Manager, H.B. Fuller Construction Products One mistake all tile installers can’t afford to make is not getting proper mortar...

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