Home Archive Case Study: Küberit Finds Multiple Uses in Mixed-Use Facilities
Home Archive Case Study: Küberit Finds Multiple Uses in Mixed-Use Facilities

Case Study: Küberit Finds Multiple Uses in Mixed-Use Facilities

Innovation, Flexibility, Function and Design All Critical in Fast-Growing Developments

By Karen Bellinger, executive director, Küberit USA


In many US cities, mixed use facility architecture and planning is now outpacing multifamily housing. Global leaders from Gensler’s Mixed Use and Retail Centers practice area believe mixed use facilities will continue their significant growth. “I think the big trend we’ll see is density from the residential component coming into mixed use,” said Beatriz la Paz with Gensler. Her colleague, J.F. Finn commented, “Everyone is demanding mixed use because mixed use provides flexibility, diversity, and a range of experiences within the context of the smaller neighborhood – that ‘20-minute neighborhood’ idea.” The 20-minute neighborhood concept seeks to place everything residents need for work, life, and recreation within a 20-minute walk, bike, or public transit ride of their home.

Kuberit 2
Küberit Clip System Profiles install efficiently, using a simple, two-section construction.

Used throughout commercial and residential structures, Küberit floor and wall profiles provide wide-ranging functions – transitioning, connecting, stair-nosing, protecting, ramping, covering, and edging. Küberit’s flexibility has made it a favorite for use by planners of mixed-use facilities, including live – work – play developments. The growth of mixed-use facilities across the US has gained the attention and energies of developers, architects, designers, contractors, and Küberit. At every turn, Küberit has the profile needs covered – critical when those needs are as diverse as those found in mixed-use facilities and developments.

Kuberit 3
Transitions across floor coverings of varied gauges are made easy with a variety of Küberit profiles for every covering.

As busy architects, designers, and facility owners plan their mixed-use facilities, specification efficiency has never been more important. These professionals also highly value building material manufacturers who cover many, diverse needs with smart solutions. Both areas are keen points of focus for Küberit, allowing planners to quickly address multiple product needs. “Innovation within Küberit can certainly be seen in the construction and breadth of assortment within our products,” explained Karen Bellinger, Executive Director, Küberit USA. “But the innovation within the specification and selection process is gaining the greatest praise from those planning projects.”

Kuberit 4
Expansion joints must be properly addressed for long-term project success – Küberit Expansion Profiles allow movement without damage to floor coverings.

All Küberit profiles fall into just seven categories, including: Original, Expansion, Transition, Ramp, Stair-Nosing, Clip, and Wall Protection profiles. Once the category selection is made, a Küberit profile with the required shape and function is chosen. From there, specifiers need only select their desired finishes and options. Multiple shapes, functions, finishes, and options are available, but all are integrated and linked within the overarching profile categories. Project planners can access Küberit product samples from swatchbox.com, materialbank.com, and from the company’s website at kuberitusa.com, getting physical products into their hands.

Mixed use facilities require flooring and construction professionals to address the full range of residential and commercial project needs. They want as many integrated material providers as possible, reducing the overall number of suppliers.  Mixed use facilities incorporate more types of floor covering than any other architecture or type of facility.

Kuberit 5
Mixed-use facilities include residential kitchen spaces and the many floor coverings so common with each.

Mixed-use facilities leverage LVT across residential and commercial areas. LVT and resilient flooring as a category have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but profiles engineered to work with these coverings have developed more slowly, if at all. Küberit is a game changer for these growing floor-covering sectors, supplying profiles made specifically for the gauge, construction, and design considerations of all coverings including LVT.

By definition, mixed use sees more transitions of space uses, floor coverings, and elevations than other facilities. Küberit profiles provide the punctuation for flooring projects, completing an edge, starting a floor space, or joining varied surfaces. They cover floor covering edges, protecting them but also harmonizing them as differing floor coverings meet. When flooring designs incorporate turns and curves, Küberit profiles meet the need with bendable profiles. Many planners go vertical with these profiles, using them on walls when coverings meet, divide, or simply need the punctuation Küberit provides.

Kuberit 6
Küberit Stair-Nosing Profiles deliver slip resistance, design interest, and visual guidance.

Flooring pros encounter expansion joints in mixed-use project sites with regularity. Addressing these joints properly and doing so across all floor covering types has been difficult in the past. It’s an area in which Küberit has really invested. Küberit Expansion Profiles allow the movement expansion joints demand, preventing buckles and cracks in floor coverings. After all, expansion joints are there for good reasons – reasons that make themselves known over time. The unique construction of Küberit Expansion profiles allows movement of the joint, while making a strong style statement. Küberit provides expansion profiles for use with every floor covering, allowing every expansion gap to be addressed.

Stairs and ramps are a part of every mixed-use project, presenting functional, safety, and aesthetic needs for profiles. Küberit Stair-Nosing Profiles ensure stairs have slip resistant edges, visibility which enhances safety, and the edge protection where needed most. Küberit offers a wide range of stair and ramp profiles, meeting both the function and form requirements flooring pros need.

Kuberit 7
Ramping and transition functions are handled with simple Küberit profiles.

Mixed-use flooring projects are incorporating efficiency everywhere possible. Küberit Clip System Profiles’ two-part system and options for use as reducers, edge trims, and transitions are finding wide use in the projects. The base profile is installed followed by the floor covering with the top profile then applied to the base. With profiles for floating floor systems and hard flooring options, Küberit Clip System Profiles bring elegance to every project defined by their sleek appearance and incredibly efficient installation method.

“We really enjoy the mixed-use facility projects as they provide the ultimate set of project challenges across their residential and commercial spaces with diverse floor coverings, wall surfaces, stairs, and other features,” explained Bellinger. “These projects give us the opportunities to demonstrate the outstanding range of Küberit functions and aesthetics.” See more about Küberit at KuberitUSA.com.


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