Home Case-Studies Don’t Slip Up: 6 Floor Protectors You May Not Know About
Home Case-Studies Don’t Slip Up: 6 Floor Protectors You May Not Know About

Don’t Slip Up: 6 Floor Protectors You May Not Know About


By Charlie Reaves, Trimaco

Project conditions vary, sometimes ripe with challenges. But could you actually be creating a “slippery” worksite by using canvas and plastic floor protection? It only takes an instant. A boot catching on a fold of fabric—a heel slipping on the edge of a covered stair. It’s time to upgrade your worksite protection. When hard floors and surfaces need protecting, opt for slip-resistant surface protection. Trimaco offers slip-resistant hard surface protection in rolls and as dropcloths.

Heavy Duty SuperTuffâ Tack Back Surface Protector: A perfect choice for projects with heavy machinery, this protector is made of two layers of absorbent, leak-resistant protection. One layer is dedicated to absorbency, coupled with a PET film protector sheet fitted with an aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive. The tacky-backed double layers protect against machinery traffic as well as paint, mud, water and dirt.

Stay Put® Surface Protector: Waterproof and breathable (ideal for floors still curing), this protector, also with a

tacky backing, is a great choice for high-end projects with hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs. No taping required and no residue left behind. Re-position and reuse.

Stay Putâ Canvas Plus Dropcloth: With three layers and 300 percent more slip resistant than a typical 8-ounce canvas drop, this dropcloth lies flat, stays in place and is also leak-resistant and absorbent.

Eliminatorâ Dropcloth: 225 percent more slip resistant than a 10-ounce canvas dropcloth and also 20 percent more drapable, the durable material on both sides provides leak-resistant protection that stays put, thanks to its Stay Putâ technology. Professional grade, crack-resistant butyl holds up well in both hot and cold temperatures. Heavyweight, durable and reusable, it’s perfect for painting and staining.

Smart Grip® Canvas Dropcloth: 80 percent more slip resistant than canvas, this two-layer reusable poly-backed canvas is leak resistant and absorbent. Canvas side up, it protects against paint splatter and spills.

Also choose shoe covers wisely when dealing with hard floors. Smart Gripâ Shoe Guards: With a grippy sole, these shoe and boot guards won’t budge and allow you to walk safely while protecting against tracking dirt and mud. Great for painting, sanding, general construction, walk-throughs and more.


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