Home Products DriTac's 8801 CoverGuard Has You Covered
Home Products DriTac's 8801 CoverGuard Has You Covered

DriTac’s 8801 CoverGuard Has You Covered

DriTac CoverGuard RollCoverGuard provides scratch and dent protection for newly installed floors and surfaces to prevent damage from occurring during and after the installation process. DriTac 8801 is scored and breathable, allowing sub-surface moisture to pass through. CoverGuard resists surface spills and water spots on the top of the film surface.

Applications/uses include:

  1. Cabinets
  2. Concrete
  3. Countertops
  4. Furniture
  5. Linoleum
  6. Luxury Vinyl Tile
  7. Stone
  8. Tile
  9. Wood
  10. WPC

Features include:

  1. 1.85 mm thickness
  2. 4’ x 150’ = 600 sq. ft./roll
  3. Anti-Crush Mechanical Properties
  4. Water & Stain Resistant: CoverGuard protects from stains, oils and chemicals.
  5. Tear Resistant: CoverGuard has a fused film layer that is puncture resistant.
  6. Aerated: CoverGuard is scored and features a breathable surface to allow free air flow of surface moisture, while preventing topical water and spills from seeping through.
  7. Lays Flat: CoverGuard is a grooved foam which remains flush to the floor and helps prevent the risk of tripping or falling on the floor.
  8. VOC Compliant

About DriTac Flooring Products

DriTac was established in 1956, offering one product that continues to stand the test of time many years later, DriTac 6200. Since then, DriTac has exponentially expanded its’ product line and is currently one of a very few adhesive manufacturers to offer all of the major adhesive technologies: urethane, MS polymer, pressure sensitive, acrylic and more. DriTac has become a leader in the development of wood flooring system adhesives that offer sound and moisture control with a single-component, one-step application.


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